Torquay international school

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Torquay International School (TIM) is located in Cambridgeshire, England. International House Torquay/ Torquay International School has been established in 1972 by the same man who originally founded International House New College in Camberley, South-East London, which is why both schools are so similar in many ways. Both schools offer high quality education and a selection of courses. They differ slightly with regards to subjects, style of teaching and student intake.

The biggest difference between the two schools is that the smaller, privately run imbedded within the educational establishment is much less costly and offers cheaper, higher quality education than the main imbedded within the British establishment of colleges and universities. The main aim of the school is to teach students the art of communication and international business skills. The facilities and infrastructure of the school is quite impressive to say the least. The school has twenty one classrooms all of which are fully equipped with modern desks and toilets.

The facilities that you will find within the classrooms of the torquay international school are excellent. There are large well-equipped modern classrooms with comfortable, airy and study desks, whiteboards, computer work stations, and large pictures of famous english landscapes on the wall as well as posters of famous poets, etc. The rooms are all full of books and reading material and even have a library area for students to help themselves to. The libraries of the school are excellent with a selection of second-hand books on offer.

The students at the torquay international school are taught primarily in the language of English, although there is some requirement for other foreign languages if a student cannot fluently speak English. A typical module includes learning how to read and write in the chosen language with discussions about grammar, practice exercises and tests. The modules cover a large number of areas of language including the dictionary, literature and essays. There is also a requirement for writing essays using the chosen language. Exams include written examinations and some fun activities.

The structure of the lessons is guided by a particular program, although you are likely to have some choice on the type of lesson that you wish to follow. In the first year, you will learn how to use everyday words and phrases, such as “I am going out with John”, “my brother wants to borrow your bike”, and “my husband is going out of town tomorrow”. You will also learn more about different kinds of punctuation, tenses and other important parts of the language. For example, you will be expected to be able to spell the words “be”, “have” and “is”.

After the first year, you will move on to lessons designed to increase your comprehension of sentences, paragraph structure and usage of key words. In the second and third years of study, you will be taught to express yourself clearly through short quotations, discussions and debates. You will also be given general English language lessons to ensure that you know the correct use of all the words you have been introduced to.

Students at a Torquay international school are expected to adhere to a routine which has been established since the institution was set up. This includes a daily routine of study and practice, morning announcements, the joining of clubs and societies, and annual general and club meetings. In addition, strict deadlines are enforced, particularly for homework, which must be completed by a certain date. Exams are also regularly scheduled.

Exams are generally easy as well as fun to pass, since they test your spelling and word knowledge. Students at a Torquay international school are also well represented in their classes, and there is a great deal of camaraderie among pupils. The school prides itself on maintaining an atmosphere of acceptance and friendship. All these factors make torquay a fine place to study for those looking for a prestigious education.