Sotogrande international school

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“Sotogrande international school (SIS) – an amazing place to learn.” – International School, UK

“A high school diploma offers you a great foundation of knowledge and skills to stand out in society, and also to achieve success in your life. The culture at Sotogrande International School is exemplary: every student-teacher relationship is strong and vibrant; pupils come together in meaningful ways to explore global issues and cultures, in a safe and supportive environment.” – Evening news, UK

“I liked that [the school] was one of the very best – academically and emotionally. My daughter really enjoyed her intercultural experience at the school. The teachers were very encouraging and made it fun to learn with, especially considering how small the classroom was.” – parent of one child on the online forum of Sotogrande International School, Cape Town, South Africa. “My daughter enjoyed the social aspect of Sotogrande, and particularly the academic aspects – the focus on providing a wide range of disciplines and liberal arts for students to enjoy, and the friendships she formed with classmates at the school.”

“The school was built on a beautiful landscape: the beautiful rolling hills of Costas del Sol; the beaches of Benaulim; the verdant green rolling hills of Fuerte de Verde. The students are very passionate about the local culture, and the beautiful settings make for an ideal environment to learn.” – anonymous parent on the forum of Sotogrande international school, Cape Town, South Africa. “I believe that Sotogrande offers a unique blend of traditional rural life in an urban setting. The classrooms are large, with lots of socialising, and provide opportunities for children to grow both personally and socially.”

“I had my daughter at sotogrande international school for the first time when she completed her first year there. It is so different from other schools in that it’s much more of an educational environment, and much smaller. The students are so much less shy in comparison to their Spanish counterparts here at Costas del Sol.” – anonymous parent on the forum of Sotogrande International School, cape town, south Africa.

“I believe that the environment, the size and the rigour of the courses offered at Sotogrande International School make it the ideal choice for any parent looking for the best in terms of a home away from home option for their child. The classes are tailored specifically towards helping your child develop both his academic and social skills. The curriculum is very strict, and weekly boarding is provided for all pupils, with an additional daily field trip, making this a truly exciting, stimulating and unforgettable experience for young students.” – anonymous parent on the forum of Sotogrande International School, cape town, south Africa.

“I believe the main selling point of Sotogrande international school is its warm and friendly atmosphere. You will find all sorts of people from varied backgrounds there – from preteens through to older, mature students. I met the Head Teacher whilst I was there, and I know she is a warm, genuine person, who loves her job. The school prides itself on providing a caring, positive learning community for its pupils.” – anonymous parent on the forum of santa maria polo club, cape town.

“I honestly believe that if you are looking for a place to send your children, to keep them in the knowledge, and give them a good education, then Sotogrande International School is the ideal destination. The teaching staff is excellent. The atmosphere is lively and creative. There is so much to learn and take in, it’s perfect for children of all ages. The school prides itself on offering state-of-the-art equipment, state-of-the-art teachers, a wonderful library and so much more. It really does set a benchmark for other private schools in South Africa.”