Shrewsbury international school

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Shrewsbury International School has been offering an English as a Second Language (ESL) education since its foundation in the mid-nineteenth century. Established in the place where the English nation originated, this school has maintained its heritage of academic excellence and commitment to excellence. Every student at Shrewsbury is encouraged to learn, lead and enjoy the rich cultural heritage that makes this place an unforgettable educational experience. Shrewsbury also prides itself on the very strong community spirit it has built over the years. The school also emphasizes the importance of maintaining and preserving the traditional British culture in all aspects of life.

English as a Second Language (ESL) programs are available in many Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools throughout the United Kingdom. The curriculum is designed to offer students a well-rounded educational experience through the use of established and proven methodologies. The curriculum lays emphasis on students’ critical thinking, writing, listening and speaking skills. The Shrewsbury Junior School’s ESOL curriculum is approved by the United Kingdom government and local schools.

In line with the United Kingdom’s national curriculum learning pathway, the curriculum encourages children to participate in Extra-curricular activities such as music, drama, science, art, computer studies, and animation. These activities enrich the students and help them develop their talents in diverse fields. In addition to the regular ESOL activities, students can also choose to participate in the Shrewsbury International School Extracurricular activities. These activities include the likes of sports, games and dance. Activities are tailored to suit all interests and abilities, and are a great way for students to bond with other pupils from across the world.

The activities and extracurricular programs provided by the Shrewsbury International School Bangkok cater to a variety of interests. Students attending the school have the choice between pursuing an International Business course or signing up for a Management course. Students may also sign up for Yoga or Tai Chi classes, which offer great physical benefits. There are also extracurricular clubs like the Shrewsbury Feminine Association, which organizes events to support women within the school and outside the school.

Besides the regular ESOL courses offered, the school offers classes that are focused on preparing young learners for their entrance exams into their local colleges. In the Junior School, there is the Shrewsbury College Entry Examination Program, which is a nationally recognized exam that all pupils who wish to study at the Shrewsbury Junior School must pass. This is one of the many subjects that the junior class teaches, and is a prerequisite to entering the senior high school.

In the senior school, there is the Shrewsbury Intermediate Senior School. The Junior and Senior schools at the Shrewsbury International School teach a variety of subjects in the fields of Science, Art, History, Math and other liberal arts. The subjects include art and design, culinary arts, graphic design, multimedia technology and film studies. In addition to these regular courses, students who wish to pursue graduate or doctoral degrees in any of the science areas taught throughout the junior and senior high schools may enroll in ESOL (English Science and Math) or ESOLA (English and Math for Business). For students who are enrolled in ESOLA courses, there is the ESOL Certificate which will certify them as ESOL candidates.

Located in the heart of England’s East Midlands, and only minutes from the bustling city of Bangkok, the Shrewsbury International School has long been considered a world-class institution. Its many features include an excellent curriculum, excellent facilities, academic excellence and international recognition. The campus offers many activities for students, including the facility of computer labs, science labs, fitness center, library and a restaurant. There are also numerous clubs and organizations which bring students together, including the Shrewsbury Volunteer Force, the Shrewsbury Hospice and several others.

Besides the academic achievements, the diverse student body is largely responsible for the outstanding success of the school. Students from all over the world enroll at the school and obtain high grades in their courses. The friendly atmosphere of the staff and the keen interest of students in foreign languages make the graduates strong future professionals who have bright futures ahead. The unique blend of academic excellence, friendly atmosphere and excellent facilities makes the campus offer students with a great education, while at the same time providing them with a sense of international community.