Broadgreen international school

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Broadgreen International School is an internationally accredited foundation school based in Liverpool, England which specialises in the discipline areas of ICT, Design Technology, Math and Science. In 2021 it was known as Broadgreen High School. It is still recognized as one of the top performing schools in all of the United Kingdom.

Students wishing to join the Broadgreen International School will need to complete an application form in order to be accepted. Students will also be required to provide details relating to their home country, the name of their parents and any relevant experience they may have. You will also be required to provide your High School Diploma or equivalent. The application can be completed online.

All prospective students are required to complete a free ICT training course prior to enrolment. This course will cover the core subjects as well as the international standards for UK and American education. The United World School (USW) accredits Broadgreen’s International Secondary School. Once you have completed your training and your International Secondary School has been accredited by the USW, you will be classified as a full time or part time student in the school. Full time students have access to all the resources of a secondary school whilst part time students are allocated teacher led units.

When choosing whether you would like to study in Broadgreen International or in a similar school situated within the United States, you must take into account the international availability of courses, the facilities onsite and the student support services. Many US schools offer courses which only differ by the location of the campus. For example, in Broadgreen there is the opportunity to study myp and myc transfer. A full list of courses which can be obtained from a Broadgreen international school is available at the website.

There is a wide range of training options for students from all skills and qualifications. You may be able to get a job straight out of your Broadgreen training if you have completed a diploma or higher. Alternatively you may prefer to continue your studies at a Broadgreen International School to achieve a degree. Once you have a degree, you may be able to continue your education in another school situated within the same organisation, so long as you meet the criteria.

There are some benefits for those wishing to continue their education in Broadgreen. First of all, Broadgreen provides excellent facilities and professional development opportunities for its students. It also gives students the chance to gain a qualification and experience a career before choosing to move country. With this in mind many students choose Broadgreen over other locations for their university degree and stay in the area for good reason, regardless of whether it is necessary to obtain a degree elsewhere.

Many international schools offering a variety of skills and certifications offer more study abroad options than Broadgreen does. However, Broadgreen is extremely popular because it is the only one located in the UK. Therefore, students who wish to take advantage of the great opportunities that come with an education in an overseas location will find it very easy to enroll with a school in Broadgreen.

For students taking their first or second foreign language, there is plenty of opportunity to learn more about this subject. The school prides itself on the availability of experts in various fields. These include speakers of many different languages, making learning more of an enjoyable activity rather than a tedious chore. Students taking the programme will also benefit from having weekly socials, allowing them to network with others who are studying in Broadgreen. The school offers a large array of benefits for students, and most schools in the UK recognise the value of offering this quality to their pupils.